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..i might be back.

me and my sister Kira (…) both update it

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im going back to New York in 6 days! will be missing home again
i had a wonderful winter break in russia and i hope everyone's xmas and a new year were as much fun as mine ones! :heart:

ps: thanks for 53k+ pageviews!
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Thank you guys

Heey everyone! (feels like I've never updated my journal)

I got soo much new stuff going on in my life right now...I moved to New York several months ago and it's pretty fun, though I miss home and friends a lot. But I'm getting used to it

I almost didn't shoot last months, but I got myself a new medium format camera last week and so now I feel really enthusiastic about taking new photos!

But as far as I'm new in here, I don't know a lot of people, models photographers.. So it's quite difficult for me to carry out all (if any) my ideas


If you know any NYC photo communities or groups or whatever - just let me know! I would really appreciate your help

PS: and as always, I want to thank everyone who supports me, leaves comments, watches and features me here even though I don't really submit anything new. I promise I will be submitting more from now on : )

BYYYY the waaay
I have a twitter account for over a year but have never used it...and now i'm trying to )…: <-- twitter

there are both russian and english tweets
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